About Me

About Robert

Hi everyone, Robert here and I’ve been a koi pond owner and builder for more than eight years.

Many years ago when I was younger, running pet shops helped to build my love of animals and wildlife.  Over the years my love for the outdoors and wildlife have grown. The knowledge for doing it myself and has helped me to learn the good with the bad when it comes to ponds.

Why I began building my outdoor space.

It began with a mothers day gift in my moms backyard and the desire to revitalize the yard to give her a nice place to relax.  I starting with a preform pond the first build, then a year later I removed it and created a freeform pond with a little more size and natural feel.

When it came to building an outdoor living space at my new house I had a rundown canvas to work with.  What came to me immediately was that I had a big backyard and didn’t want to mow all that grass!  The other was that I wanted to have a koi pond not just a water garden with a waterfall.  With that in mind and knowing I didn’t have a large budget after buying a home, I still really wanted a pond.  Like a wedding you would like to have it good, fast, and inexpensive but you can only have two out of three so I went with good and inexpensive.  Taking my time I would sit on the back deck and draw and redraw the landscape and what I wanted to have in it until it looked right.

Building the ponds

Before starting the pond in the backyard, like you I read just about everything I could get my hands on. First was to figure out what would look good, what I liked and where to start.  In finding that a large number of people spend a lot of money buying everything pre-made including the filter, figuring out where to save money would be a challenge.  During the time of digging the pond and researching everything I built my filter and learned more cost-effective ways of getting the supplies.  In the end it turned into a great two and a half feet deep 3000 gallon water garden with koi and was a great point for me to start figuring out the rest of the yard.

After a few years of realizing that my love of koi and water features had grown I wanted bigger koi in my pond and again less grass.  In order to achieve my goal the best way was to have a bigger and deeper pond. With my first pond being 3000 gallons, the ground breaking started on the new 4000 gallon pond that would sit next to the current pond.

Over the years of building ponds for family, friends and my own ponds I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks on how to plan and build, as well as some great places to get supplies.  On this site I hope to help others in creating a water feature in their own backyard living space to enjoy with friends and family.  The benefits of water features in your outdoor space are almost endless. From giving you a place to enjoy coffee in the morning or dinner under the stars, and don’t forget about the physical and mental health benefits the tranquility has to offer.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little, and my hopes are that this site helps you to create your own enhanced outdoor living space.