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Installing a New Pond

The first thing to consider when building a pond is to decide what type of pond you want to build. Are you going to build a koi pond or a water garden with or without some goldfish, if so you need to consider the type of aquatic life you want in the pond. Maybe a pondless fall for the sound of a waterfall but not the maintenance of fish and plants. Each type of pond will need to be planned for its specific features. Keep in mind that the most common mistake water gardeners say they made when building their first pond was making it too small. A small pond limits the number of fish and plants you can add. KOI POND Koi ponds are different from a water garden because koi will limit the amount of plant life available to be grown, as

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Designing Your Water Feature Part 2

In this post I want to go over a few advantages & disadvantages of the standard pond designs. The little garden pond:   Advantages: Disadvantages: Low installation cost Higher Maintenance The gravel will help establish an ecosystem The pumps are prone to clogging Plants will help filter the water and add some beauty Filters are also prone to clogging and are harder to clean Shallow ponds are a little safer for kids and pets Water clarity is uncertain Not suitable for large fish or a large quantity of fish Sludge will accumulate fast on the bottom May freeze solid in the winter May get to hot for fish in the summer The Basic Water Garden: Advantages: Disadvantages: Lower maintenance due to the use of a larger filtration system with skimmer Greater initial investment for the pond Easier maintenance as the pump is

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